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Hola Amigos!!

Hello Friends, how are you doing? 

Some people must be wondering why the hell have i used SPANISH greetings in the beginning?  Well the simple reason is that I have started learning ESPANOL since last month. This language has always fascinated me and this was the right time i should add more wings to myself. Isn’t it a good idea?? To be honest we all must try to be multi lingual in today’s time when the world has become a GLOBAL VILLAGE.

OK my beautiful friends!! I would quickly describe myself to get started.

This is NEIL and I am a travel industry professional who is bitten by the travel bug. I am fascinated with this travel industry and with the upcoming blogs I would share many interesting facts, stories, myths, pictures and deals about various famous travel destinations around the globe. You will also keep on learning Spanish and O YES!! you beautiful people will also help me improve my Spanish.

From past few days I was thinking about putting down my ideas and fascinations some where and soon realized what best platform will be than social media. I did little bit of research and thought of giving it a go and here we are. Look one things is for sure if you want to do something then just give it a kick and get started. Things will start falling in places all you have to do is just give your 100% and be honest with whatever you are doing.

In case any time you have any ideas suggestions for my or our betterment feel free to pool in the ideas.

This might get too long so will keep posting the updates, ideas and beautiful thoughts regularly.

Hasta Luego!


A Fading Paradise ‘ Kashmir’

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Hola Amigos!!

Its been 4 days since i penned down anything on my blog so here I am. Today I am gonna take you through one of the most beautiful place one can visit in his/her life time but most likely NOT so popular these days amongst the tourists.

I am talking about the paradise on earth called Kashmir which was termed as a paradise on earth by the GREAT Mughal emperor Jahangir who when set his eyes on the valley of Kashmir while living in a house-boat on the mesmerizing Dal Lake and said, “Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto’, meaning ‘If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here.

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I am lucky enough have my wife from this beautiful place and thus have a permanent bond with this amazing place. I visited this place this year and I was like WOW!! when i saw the greenery everywhere, hills rising and sneaking through the clouds, literally touching the heavens, serene water of the lakes, wind slowly touching your face and singing the melancholy strain,  The majestic Dal lake telling endless stories of happiness, joys and sorrow of this beautiful but wounded city. Adhaan (muslims call for prayer) was such a straight arrow piercing through your heart is like the FINAL adhaan for all the young and old souls who have lost their lives fighting for the freedom of their holy land. This city has so many things to display and more are those which can not be seen but felt, if you have ever heard anything about Kashmir.

This is a controversial region lying mostly in the Himalayan mountains, and shares borders with the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab to the south and also sharing vast land in the form of border with the neighboring country of Pakistan. Both India and Pakistan claim to be the share holder of this land and some part has been occupied by Pakistan and some by india. Sadly no one really cares what the local Kashmiri’s want.

I happen to visit most of its beautiful places which can be covered in such a short duration of 6 days.

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Tulip Garden, Shalimar bagh, Nigeen Lake, The Dal Lake, Hazratbal Dargah, Gumarg, Pari Mahal, Chashma-e-shahi, Jama Masijd and some more beautiful places. you have so much to explore in this picturesque location. In case you are a camera crazy guy like me you might not get a chance to keep away from your camera or phone. You might face some inconvenience because of so much security settings by the armed forces but tourists come and go however these people have adjusted living like this. They have adjusted themselves with some much of interference by the security forces but that is the way of life here.

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There is a whole list of must visit places when you are in Kashmir, some of them are below but make sure you have ample amount of time because its gonna take some time to check this place out.

The pine covered mountains and the Lidder River at Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yousmarg and Charar-i-Sharief,  sonmarg, Sinthan Top and the entire city itself.

I was like wanting to spend most of my time in the Dal lake because the amount of peace it gives you only a mother’s lap can give. This was an incredible feeling when you see yourself in the natures lap. You can see the tall mountains stretching their reach on the far left and right side, you can see the water of the beautiful Dal lake washing the feet of the beautiful snow-covered mountains which is a treat to watch. Dal has place for everyone, Locals, tourists, government officials, security personnel’s, traders and businessmen, Shikara walas (small boats floating on dal).

Why I  referred this place as a ‘Fading Paradise’ because once there was a time when people were always craving to visit this place and it was their dream destination. I as a child has always seen and adorned this place in films and have been crazy to go and feel this place but now the situation has changed drastically when this place is in news often for wrong reasons.

In this time of unhealthy politics and personal gains and achievements I PRAY and ask every sincere soul to PRAY for this Wonderland, people with golden heart qnd kids with fading smiles to survive the brunt of time it is facing now.

Dont get discouraged by what i have written above, do visit this place and hear the most touching stories of your life time. This place has suffered so much that whenever a book will be written on this place most of its pages would be colored with RED and some greenery and life and smiles splashed some where in the corner.

Keep smiling, keep praying and keep helping others to make a difference.

Hasta Luego


The Travel ‘BUG’

Hola amigos!

Hope we all are doing fine.

Today i wanted to share about a bug which should actually bite everyone in their life time to decide what they are going to do and what their passion or devotion could be.

I was once going little bit wayward in life and was not really sure which way to go before a topic on gossip turned into my passion. I was once staying with my good friends and someone of them wanted me to start something which could benefit his hotel clients. This guy had some guests checking in to the hotel and later wanting to book flights and train tickets. I anyways by that time started dreaming about being my own boss and stuffs like that. Friends however pushed me to go for it and even helped my set up my travel business which i did as well. I also started working for a renowned travel company as well and started getting deep insights of the travel business.

During the course of new experience I was smitten by a new quote which goes like this:

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I truly by the end of first 2 years realized how important it is for one to travel and one should be bitten by some bugs especially if it’s a travel bug.

I carried one working for some good and big brands in the market which gave me enough to be called a Travel expert (not for every destination). I however got the insight of the functionality and now can try to share the experience I have got so far. I have thus started blogging to convey my little bit of knowledge and learn as much as possible with the experts available around on the social media.

I truly adore the words said by Kim Mance, writer, blogger and TV host. Travel expert and editor of GoGalavanting.com and Kim has also written for Conde Nast Traveler, MarieClaire.com,

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The most important aspect of a traveler is that you start to have a disbelief that the small pond is the whole words.  When you step out of your doors you realize how big, diverse the worlds really is and what all are there to be served. Travelling also helps you to broaden your thoughts and also breaks so many mis-conceptions and myths about an individual, community, race, religion and country. Don’t believe what you see in the news articles and reports or in the news paper rather try to reach out so that you see it, fee it and know it yourself!

In your life it is not necessary that you will succeed in the very first attempt and you leave doing what you love. This sentence is a very good example of a baby started to walk after the struggle of crawling and despite falling numerous time baby stands up and challenge himself/herself and finally mom dads eyes become wide open when they see their pound of heart successfully walking. This is exactly how one should try to try but should also realize immediately if he/she is in the right field or not. Is travel filed really their desired wish or not, if NO then stop wasting time and move on.

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Rumi, the 13th century mystic poet, was truly one of the most passionate and profound poets in history. Why I said to move on because it’s the purest form of rebellion and you may know by now many successful souls on the earth has some point of time moved out of their home, friends, university or most importantly from the COMFORT zone to make it big and for ‘pursuit of happiness’ or to make it BIG!!

Hasta Luego



What to eat in New Delhi?

Hola amigos! Hello friends, how are we doing?

I am writing this blog and i can see the beautiful weather outside my window. You dont really see ‘Beautiful’ in New Delhi coz its known for its extreme conditions weather its Summer or Winter. Its cloudy breezy and you can truly call it a weather full of romance.

I was just wondering where I went last time with family or friends and all of a sudden I can think of some delicious foods. Today I intend to go out and have some really tasty food coz its been time since we eat out side. In case you are a NON-VEG lover then you are in a food paradise if you are in Delhi or call or Dilli ( as called during the old days). Vegetarians should not get disheartened though coz you will never starve here for sure.

If you talk about delhi and you dont talk about Mughal architecture and food then you are lying. It was golden Period of in terms of architecture although all the Mughal rulers except Aurangzeb took great interest in architecture. One of the finest example if the magnificent RED FORT made out of red sandstone.

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Old Delhi (Purani dilli) should be your ideal spot if you want to taste the real food of Delhi but be ready to face some unbelievable lot of people coz this area has sea of people moving. This is also the commercial hub of new delhi when its comes to local business men and where you can find stuffs which you cant find any where else. Incase you are staying near by then take a walk or rickshaw and do visit the grand Jama Masjid and look at the approximately 400 years old spectacular architecture.

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List of some amazing Non-veg eateries are given (I dont endorse any):

Image result for karim's delhi is opposite of jama masjid which gate number

  • Butter Chicken at Moti Mahal.
  • Mutton Korma at Karim’s, Jama Masjid (one of the very famous restaurants)
  • Changezi Chicken (descendant of Genghiz Khan, Lol)

Basically the street where karims is just opposite of jama masjid gate No 1 you have so many mouthwatering foods to eat so try and eat everything in little quantity so that you can cover almost all. In case you are a sweet lover you have whole list of amazing halwas (sweet dish), Rabri icecrea,, Rabri faluda) shakes that you have never seen or heard of before.

You can also try your luck in a posh vicinity of KHAN CHACHA at cannaught Palace.

Dont miss on Al-Bake shawarma or you can try a new one at FKC which is near the Jamia Millia University (Okhla) and they serve some real good food which is actually a value for money

Non vegetarian dudes:

Pav Bhaji at New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji, Model Town 3

Sambhar, Idli and Masala Dosa at Saravana Bhawan, Connaught Place (you have to be patient as the waiting time is usually quite high but its value for money)

Kake Di Hatti. Stuffed Naan – Located in Gali Batashan near Fatepuri Chowk, Kake Di Hatti serves traditional North Indian cuisine in pocket friendly values.

Shake Square

This place is known for their thick shakes and lip-smacking snacks. This is at the Inner Circle of CP, Shake Square is a refreshing food joint and less stress on your budget. Do try their Chocolate shake and strawberry flavour as well.


South Indian Thali

Located in Hauz Khaas Village, this vegetarian paradise is famous for its COOL ambiance and South Indian cuisine. Must try dishes include Rasam Vadai and South Indian Thali.

In case that’s not enough do let me know to update the list and suggest your favorite food joints.

Share your experience of eating in Nueva Delhi and let me get better!!

Hasta Luego!






Lil bit of Turkey!!

Hola!Amigos! ?Como estas? (how are you?)

My days are as usual rotating around the travel blogs and gathering more and more info about the trips and things to know around the world.

One city which has a;ways fascinated me because of their history, culture, food, dressings and beautiful scenic beauty and girls is Turkey!

In case you have ever planned to visit turkey or still planning to visit Turkey there is an over view of this Trip.

Image result for sofia hagia


This is important to know your budget before you go.

ISTANBUL will be the most expensive city here in Turkey. You have the choice to see some breathtaking views when you are in Turkey and some MUST WATCH places. Ankara is the second largest city and capital of Turkey. İzmir, the third-largest city and largest city in the Aegean Region. Keep your budget flexible else you will miss on many MUST watch places and activities. Antalya, the eighth-largest city and probably one of the most beautiful one in Turkey. Antalya is Turkey’s biggest international sea resort and is located on the Turkish Riviera.


  1. Must do activities: 
    • Bosphorus cruise from Istanbul
    • Sun set over the Bosphorus Strait and cruise under Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
    • Istanbul’s illuminated sights like the Blue Mosque and Dolmabahçe Palace.
    • Turkish belly dancers during an Anatolian folklore show.
    • Watch the famous blue mosque hagia sophia and you will say WOW to its beauty.

Food and Wine:

Turkish cuisine is very diverse and world renowned. Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures, and all these influences pleasantly affect the food scene. White cheese (similar to feta), old cheese (kaşar peyniri), black and/or green olives (zeytin), butter, thick cream (kaymak), honey, jam, an omelet or boiled eggs (yumurta). Menemen is a delicious Turkish style omelet. Roasted onions and peppers are boiled thoroughly with tomatoes and finally mixed with eggs, herbs, parsley, pepper and grounded red pepper. Meze refers to cold starters rather than a full course. Restaurants that are experts in mezes are called meyhane. Kuyu kebabı is a specialty from the city of Kastamonu in the mid-west of the Black Sea Region. Kuyu kebabı requires pine tree branches for the flavor. This kebap is a must if you are a meat enthusiast. It takes its name after the city of Adana, located in the southeast of the country. Lüfer comes from the Pomatomidae family. A rather big, very tasty and additionally easy to clean and eat fish.

Nightlife in Istanbul:

Image result for nightlife in istanbul

Istanbul has the hottest nightlife, clubs and bars. Few you can visit in case you want to witness a true Istanbul nightlife.

Masquerade Club Istanbul Nomads Istanbul Billionaire Club Istanbul Suada Istanbul.

Get your Tour Package done through a good travel agent and have a peace of mind. There would be many other things that you dont have to worry about in case you have handed over the headache of creating the itinerary to a profession.

In case need any help to create your itinerary, drop us an email.

Hasta Luego.